Zodiac & Astrology CAL Month 1 – Cancer

Here we go! The first release in this CAL!

I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any questions please comment below, join our Facebook Group, or follow on Instagram, I will be answering questions all on platforms as quick as I can.

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Zodiac and Astrology CAL

I have always had an interest in the zodiac signs, constellations, astrological symbols and how it all ties in with Greek mythology. So I thought what better than to channel this into my first love crochet! I have wanted to do a CAL for a long time so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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Top Ten Mandala Patterns

My love of mandalas patterns started when I discovered overlay crochet and the wonderful blog LillaBjorn Crochet. Her style is so distinctive I couldn’t help but buy one of her patterns, the dandelion mandala, it was challenging I learnt a lot of new techniques and I am now obsessed with Mandala’s!

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Sophie’s universe second update 

Its been a few weeks now since I started this little Sophie’s Universe project and unfortunately it taking me a lot longer than I had hoped. What with a massive influx or orders, setting up and planning my CAL on Facebook (launching June 1st), its been rather busy! However I am off on holiday next week and hope I will get a few moments to myself push this along. Read more

Top Ten Easter Patterns

It’s that time of year again where the pressure is on to decorate your home with bunnies, eggs and chicks, and in some cases (mine!) to knock up a winning Easter bonnet for the school competition with only a weekends notice. These are the days that I am glad I crochet!

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