English Rose Pattern

It was St George’s day yesterday the patron Saint of England, famous for dragon slaying, being the ultimate knight of the realm and gentleman. Being English through and through (sort of!) I thought I would publish a simple yet effective English Rose pattern in his honor as I have patterns already up for St David and St Patrick!

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Shamrock boot cuff pattern 

This year I didn’t fancy going full dress up for St. Patrick’s day but I still wanted a little touch of something as nod to the day in my outfit. As I didn’t have a boot cuff pattern yet I thought this would be a great time to design one that could be used any time of year as well as in the 17th of March! Who doesn’t love a Shamrock!  Read more

Daffodil pattern

On the 1st of March it is St Davids day the Patron Saint of Wales! I feel he always gets a little over shadowed by good old St Patrick whose day is two weeks later. So to celebrate my Welsh heritage I decided to create a little Daffodil pattern, the national flower of Wales, for you all to enjoy! Use it in bunting, as an appliqué, in the middle of a granny square or how ever you like.  Read more