Logan’s Eczema/Allergies

Logan was born early 2015 by emergency C-section, he was put on 48 hour antibiotics for potential sepsis, which I contracted, due to my waters breaking without contractions. Other than the traumatic birth he was fine for the first 3 months of his life.

Then the eczema started!

Eczema at 5 months 

Nearly over night he came out in scabby rash that he would scratch till he bled. He at one stage was covered head to foot and looked almost like a reptile. He was prescribed Hydrocortison, then Fucidin H, then, Eumovate, then Betnovate which we still use on an off today. The steroids slowly stopped working and he was finally prescribed a protopic cream which targets the immune system, which we are yet to see the results of. He goes through phases some brilliant weeks some terrible weeks. He has had skin infections, multiple bouts of Antibiotics, but luckily has never scarred. We manage his condition now with a mixture of Epaderm emollient cream, Hydromol bath additive instead of soap, the Betnovate, and the Protopic. We also have started using an 99.9% Aloe Vera gel from Holland and Barrett, that helps cool, hydrate and heal the skin.

Eczema flare up after an allergic reaction

We started weaning at 5 months, he was a very hungry baby. He ate everything, from purees to baby lead weaning, no problems other than normal weaning hiccups every child has. Then one evening he tried some meringue in a dessert at about 9 months old, and that was his first reaction. He got a stridor and a wheeze in his breathing, his face went red and puffy, and he itched non stop becoming more and more distressed. Since then he has had reactions to various foods causing many different symptoms, some times it just the itch, sometimes it’s a swollen face, sometimes its just the wheeze which is the most serious.

 Different levels of reactions* 

Luckily we now know the signs of a reaction before it gets to severe and the medication to administer. However if he ever gets a wheeze we still have the trip to a&e for a nebuliser session and hours of monitoring.

So far on the allergy list is:

Whole egg.- He can eat cakes and biscuits where the eggs are pasteurised or it is not whole egg

Legumes  – Baked beans, (this causes his worse reactions to date) lentils, Peas, Green beans, Chickpeas, and anything else that is in the Legume family (apart from Soy why this is we have no idea!)

Nuts – especially Peanuts, Almonds Brazil nuts and Hazelnuts. This one was advised by the hospital via a blood test, he has never eaten nuts as we actively avoided them once his reactions started. However he has been given nuts by accident in biscuits, chocolate and muesli and not had a reaction!

Tree Pollen and Grass pollen – Before he could walk he used to point-blank refused to go near grass, he would sit like someone had put him in a lava pit and would cream until he was moved.

Strawberries & Plums – these are reasonably new reactions and we think they maybe be linked to his pollen allergy with something called OAS (oral allergy syndrome) which affects people with a birch pollen allergy.

He has been given all he can by the dermatology nurse for his age and his paediatric consultant has said they will do no further allergy testing until he is 3 unless his has a life threatening reaction where the use of an epipen is required. Some people think this is related to him being on antibiotics straight afterbirth and that they have an effect on the immune system, but this a new theory only recently put forward.

Why I decided to include this in my blog

I have always wanted to expand my blog to cover different areas of crafting, cooking and generally having a handmade home, and with Logan still being in the trial and error stage with his allergies/eczema making everything from scratch helps manage them a lot easier.

My cooking has become more creative so he can maintain a healthy balanced diet, I use my own crocheted cotton items as i know they don’t irritate his skin, and most of all I would like to connect/help with other parents in a similar situation. It can be very scary to see your child go through so much and a lot of the remedies/recipes we have tried have been through recommendation of other who have been through a similar situation, so if I can help anyone else that would be lovely.

I will update this page periodically with Logan progress and will be blogging recipes craft ideas and any helpful info I stumble across. I have a Facebook Group for recipe sharing and allergy/eczema support, please feel free to join, share your stories and support others.I also have a Facebook page where I share my latest projects, blog posts and anything else I think is useful!

I look forward to connecting with you all!


* the pictures above were taken so we could document the reactions for medical professionals to look at, and not at the expense of my child’s health.