English Rose Pattern

It was St George’s day yesterday the patron Saint of England, famous for dragon slaying, being the ultimate knight of the realm and gentleman. Being English through and through (sort of!) I thought I would publish a simple yet effective English Rose pattern in his honor as I have patterns already up for St David and St Patrick!

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Sophie’s universe second update 

Its been a few weeks now since I started this little Sophie’s Universe project and unfortunately it taking me a lot longer than I had hoped. What with a massive influx or orders, setting up and planning my CAL on Facebook (launching June 1st), its been rather busy! However I am off on holiday next week and hope I will get a few moments to myself push this along. Read more

Super Quick Bunny Hat Pattern ! 

As my son is only 2 this is the first time I have been inflicted with the terrible last minute “find a special outfit day” for school or nursery. As I mentioned in my Top Ten Easter Patterns post I had to make at short notice an Easter Bonnet for a boy who is completely not interested in bunnies, chicks, or anything remotely Eastery apart from the chocolate.

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Top Ten Easter Patterns

It’s that time of year again where the pressure is on to decorate your home with bunnies, eggs and chicks, and in some cases (mine!) to knock up a winning Easter bonnet for the school competition with only a weekends notice. These are the days that I am glad I crochet!

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Summer Tote Bag Pattern

For ages I have been trying to come up with a pattern for a market style tote bag pattern that is quick to work up, is a decent size but is still economical on its use of yarn. This is so I could create loads of bags easily and cheaply in different colours to suit my outfit or mood!

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March Stitch Marker Giveaway

As it was my 30th birthday on Friday and I’m still feeling in the spirit of things, I decided what better to start off a Monday with a little Stitch Marker giveaway!

This time 3 sets of our Millefiori hand-made glass stitch markers are up for grabs. If you win you will have the choice of one of the shapes below.

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