Sellers information

Thank you for your interest in our new store! We love working with hand dyed and unique yarns but found it so hard to get good quality products without having to spend hours trawling through various websites, eBay, Etsy etc.
So we thought, why not set up our own store and help the smaller businesses get more visibility!


You will be charged 50p per month (65c US, 80c CAD 85c AUD approx) per colourway. Plus 5.5% of any sale to cover the payment processing fee and website upkeep and THATS IT!

If you have a colourway with 5, 10, or 15 skeins, hanks or balls it’s still only 50p per month.

And what makes it cheaper than Etsy? There are no relisting fees! You pay only once a month to list a colourway regardless of how many you sell.

So let’s do a little comparison –

If you list 5 skeins in 1 colourway for 1 month @ £12.99 each, with £2.95 p+p each and they all sell, you would be charged –

On Beyond The Square

50p for the month plus 5.5% per skein sold which would work out as a total of £4.05 and you take home £60.90!

On Etsy

20p for the initial listing plus 20p to relist each time one sells. That’s £1.00 so far for the 5 skeins then on each sale you would be charged 3.5% Etsy fee plus up to 4% +20p (depends on your country) payment processing fee on each sale. That works out to £8.00 – almost double!!


Benefit 1

As we will hold all of the yarn you have listed, we manage all of the shipping and postage. This allows us to engage with big shipping providers and provide the cheapest cost to buyers and offer deals for free shipping if buyers spend over a certain amount.

Benefit 2

If you are also a designer or you have someone who writes patterns to use with your yarn, you can submit a pattern to be featured on our blog to help boost sales. This will be shared on all social media to help boost your business’s profile! Plus if you do not have the time or someone who writes patterns, we can do it for you for a small fee.

Benefit 3

You get your own dedicated web page where you can submit a picture and a small bio about yourself and your business. This can be linked directly to social media, for example, a shop now button on Facebook.

Benefit 4

You set your prices so you can make sure your fees and expenses are covered. You can also tell us when you would like to put certain items on sale, how long for and what discounts can be offered. As well as being in the hand dyed section you will also be featured on the sale section of the website and get extra social media promotion.

Benefit 5

You choose when you are paid! We have 2 options –

Once a week.
Once a month.

Sellers in the U.K will be paid by bank transfer and international sellers will be paid via PayPal.


If you find your business is growing we will also offer the option of converting to a wholesale account! This will be considered on a case by case basis and will be dependent on your sales history and ability to regularly provide the stock required.


Once a month (around the 15th) you will be emailed a PayPal invoice for the listings fee which will be payable by the 10th of the following month. The sale fees will be taken directly out of the sale money before it is transferred to you. Simple!


If you sign up now and we can get everything set up for our big opening on the 4th of September 2017 you will get the first month’s listing fees free!

You see our full T&C’s here.

If you are interested please pop your details into the contact for below with some information around what you would like to stock and I will get back to you asap.