Sophie’s Universe with anchor cotton (first update)

In the many (MANY) hours I spend browsing instagram I stumbled across a lady taking on Sophie’s universe in sewing thread. I thought wow that’s someone who had really perfected her art!

This is her attempt so far up to part 4. The detail and accuracy is amazing! So amazing I thought this would be a fantastic test of my crochet skills. My little one got me the book for Mother’s Day, (I know it’s early I couldn’t wait!)

I’m not quite as brave to use sewing thread but I had some anchor mercerized cotton thread laying around so I thought I’d use that

Luckily the colour scheme fits my living room decor perfectly so if it turns out ok I will frame it and hang it up.

I’m starting with a 1.2mm hook moving up to a 1.3 or 1.4 not sure yet.

Here is my first 2 rows! I’ll be doing 2 rows in each colour or whatever looks the best. I don’t think starting with a dark colour was the best idea but they are done now, moving onto beige.

If any of you feel inspired to give it a go yourself please share your work or tips in our facebook group here.

If you feel brave and want to give it ago yourself you can purchase the book here on amazon it’s the cheapest place I found!

Keep your eyes peeled for the next update!