Summer Nights Shawl Pattern

I hate cardigans!

Unless they are really chunky and baggy I think they should be banned!

So I always have a dilemma! You are going out on a spring (or summer in the UK) evening and its not hot enough to go without a jacket but not cold enough for jacket so what do you wear, especially if you are going to somewhere reasonably nice with a dress code?

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Zodiac & Astrology CAL Month 1 – Cancer

Here we go! The first release in this CAL!

I hope you all enjoy it. If you have any questions please comment below, join our Facebook Group, or follow on Instagram, I will be answering questions all on platforms as quick as I can.

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Top Ten Fathers Day Patterns

With just under a week away from fathers day, there is still plenty of time to whip up your dad one of my favourite patterns below. If he is like mine and terrible to buy for then the handmade touch will add that extra little something to your present.

Is he always on his phone working? Then let him give his hands a break with this awesome little phone stand. It works with all sized smart phones and whips up in a jiffy! pattern from The Magic of Knitting 

Or if he is a tablet man? What about this lovely, cabled Irish looking cover. Perfect for most tablet sizes. Pattern from Modern Needle Point 

Does he like to be smart or has to wear a tie for work? Let him stand out with his own handmade ties, made to order in the colour of his choice! Pattern from Sommertyme creations 

Maybe he is a bit of a hipster or cant quite let go of his 1960’s youth. This Vintage 60’s pattern is a perfect flash back to that decade. Pattern from Wonky Zebra

What dad of a certain age doesn’t like golf? Make him a set of these super cute minion golf club covers to make him the envy of the golfing world! Pattern from Ami Manila 

Every Dad needs a decent pair of slippers, if he is a flip flop man then this is the pattern for him, pattern by Magic4Kids

Or if he prefers the covered foot slipper, these lovely and thick man cave slippers should do the job. Pattern by Warn and Woolly Pattern

Failing that you could always get him ready for winter. The hat for the beardless dads. Pattern by jspirik

Or if he already has a beard, this stylish scarf is simple and would be quick to work up, pattern by Swellamy

Or finally if your dad is willing to wait, you could master this beautiful cabled blanket. It would probably take until winter to finish but it would be well worth it! Pattern by Rebecca Stylings 

I hope you enjoyed this pattern, please share you makes in our Beyond The Square Facebook group or share on Pinterest!

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Zodiac and Astrology CAL

I have always had an interest in the zodiac signs, constellations, astrological symbols and how it all ties in with Greek mythology. So I thought what better than to channel this into my first love crochet! I have wanted to do a CAL for a long time so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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Top Ten Mandala Patterns

My love of mandalas patterns started when I discovered overlay crochet and the wonderful blog LillaBjorn Crochet. Her style is so distinctive I couldn’t help but buy one of her patterns, the dandelion mandala, it was challenging I learnt a lot of new techniques and I am now obsessed with Mandala’s!

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