Top Ten Mandala Patterns

My love of mandalas patterns started when I discovered overlay crochet and the wonderful blog LillaBjorn Crochet. Her style is so distinctive I couldn’t help but buy one of her patterns, the dandelion mandala, it was challenging I learnt a lot of new techniques and I am now obsessed with Mandala’s!

This is my version of her beautiful pattern

Here is my top ten favourite mandala patterns out there!

Sophie’s Universe

This amazing pattern by Dedri Uys from Look What I Made has been a mandala staple since it came out in 2015. I am current taking on a micro crochet verison of this myself. Check out my latest update here.

Spanish Mandala 

Another beautiful Mandala by LillaBjorn Crochet. This mandala was influenced by an intricate ceramic tile from southern spain. Get the pattern here.

Embroidery Ring

Embroidery hoops are not just for Cross stitch! Whip up this pretty little wall hanging in no time from ATERGcrochet

Blanket Mandalas 

Create an intricate yet bold sofa throw by attaching mandalas together as a blanket! Use individual styles or this repeating pattern from Jane Crowfoot

Tunisian mandala

Ever tried entrelac crochet? This is a perfect starting place, this pattern by Laura Pavy, looks amazing in 2 colours or multi colours and is great fun to make if you have never tried Tunisian crochet before.

Mandala Queen

This mandala cal only came out in 2016 and comes in 3 sizes! I love the pastel colours get the pattern here

Spring Brilliance 

I love to alternate my dinning table dressing to suit the seasons and this spring dolly is perfect for the spring months. Lovely and intricate, yet simple and quick to work up. Get the pattern here.

Viola Rug Mandala 

This would look amazing in my bathroom, and feel very comfy under foot after a long bath. Get the free pattern here

Wearable Mandala 

Embrace your hippy side and turn your mandala into a nice sweater or a cardigan. Get the pattern here

Mandala Madness

This to me is the master of all mandala patterns, I haven’t attempted it yet but as soon as I have finished my Sophie this will be on the to do list. Get the pattern here

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  1. Wow! And how surprised I am! Thank you SO much to select the Queen as one of the top 10 mandalas. I hope that the King will also be added sometime. And the Queen Mother! Wow wow wow!!! I am totally overwhelmed.

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