Zodiac & Astrology CAL Month 6 – Sagittarius

Here we go Sagittarius month number 6

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I hope you have noticed but i have slowly been increasing the colour changes to up the difficulty. This month we introduce Overlay crochet !

Points To Remember

All Squares are worked in american terms.

The Squares are actually slightly more rectangular than square, but saying the rectangles doesn’t quite sound right!

There are video tutorials linked within the pattern for the stitches specifically called on for each square.

The turning Chain/Standing DC always counts as the first stitch in the row, Click here for the tutorial on how to do a standing DC.

The Patterns


The seekers of truth and thus they keep meandering and wandering aimlessly. People born under this sign are deeply immersed in philosophy and religion and both attracts them. they are adventurers at heart and can travel miles in order to seek answers. They also have a certain amount of duality and dualism in their character. These people can be atheists and then fanatics, then again serious and tactless.

The Sagittarius born people can be extremely egocentric and generally wants to thrust their views on others. These are confident people but many a times to the point of being arrogant.

The Sagittarius born, at times, will be rude and refuse to budge from their views even if they are wrong.

However these people are also extremely helpful and for their loved ones they will walk that extra mile.  They would try and fix up problems or give advice, irrespective of it being solicited or unsolicited.

These people are basically independent at heart and seek changes all the time.  Seldom are Sagittarian people possessive or jealous.  They are also not at all temperamental like many other people. In fact their emotional detachment from many things display how well adjusted they are with no emotional baggage.

The colours that are most important for Sagittarius are Purple and Light Blue

Click here for Popcorn stitch in rows tutorial

All White stitches are popcorns

Remember the last Yarn Over of the stitch before a colour change must be in the new colour. Click here for the tutorial video

To Start – CH 29 RS= Right side WS = Wrong Side

Row 1: (Purple) x 28
Row 2: (Purple) x 28
Row 3: (Purple) x 19, White , (Purple) x 8
Row 4: (Purple) x 19, White , (Purple) x 8
Row 5: (Purple) x 18, (White ) x 4, (Purple) x 6
Row 6: (Purple) x 17, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 8
Row 7: (Purple) x 10, White , (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 9
Row 8: (Purple) x 9, White , Purple, White , (Purple) x 3, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 10
Row 9: (Purple) x 10, White , Purple, White , Purple, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 11
Row 10: (Purple) x 11, White , Purple, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 12
Row 11: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 2, (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 13
Row 12: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 2, (Purple) x 4, (White ) x 3, Purple, White , (Purple) x 12
Row 13: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 2, (Purple) x 3, (White ) x 3, Purple, White , Purple, White , (Purple) x 11
Row 14: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 2, (Purple) x 2, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 3, White , Purple, White , (Purple) x 10
Row 15: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 2, Purple, (White ) x 3, (Purple) x 5, White , (Purple) x 11
Row 16: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 5, (Purple) x 18
Row 17: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 4, (Purple) x 19
Row 18: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 10, (Purple) x 13
Row 19: (Purple) x 5, (White ) x 10, (Purple) x 13
Row 20: (Purple) x 28
Row 21: (Purple) x 28


Sagittarius is ruler by Jupiter the roman equivalent of Zeus, ruler of of the Greek gods. Zeus is the god of gods and men. He is the god of lightning, enlightenment, and also the rain god. He stands for freedom of the spirit. To allow the opportunity to be at union with the spirit and so releasing many restrictions on life. He share manly characteristics with Sagittarian traits and is often depicted by lightening on a light blue background or wearing purple the colour most closely associated with royalty and leadership.

This Square is a Cross Stitch Square, I recommend using a slightly thicker yellow for the stitches to make sure you get full coverage for the lightening.

For this chart I will only list the stitch number on each row that need to cross stitch over.

Row 4: 15-16
Row 5: 15-16, 24
Row 6: 14-17, 23-25
Row 7: 13-18, 22-24
Row 8: 12-17, 21-23
Row 9: 6, 11-16, 22-24
Row 10: 5-7, 10-15, 23-25
Row 11: 4-6, 9-14, 24-26
Row 12: 3-5, 10-15, 23-25
Row 13: 2-4, 11-16, 22-24
Row 14: 3-5, 12-17, 21-23
Row 15: 4-6, 14-18,
Row 16: 5-7, 13-17,
Row 17: 4-6, 12-16
Row 18: 3-5, 11- 15
Row 19: 2-4, 10-14

North Node

When you have the North Node in Sagittarius, you are someone who was meant to live this life in pursuit of truth and conviction. For you, true and deep fulfillment will occur when you learn to see everything as one, endless journey; as an exploration that just keeps going and going. This keeps you in a mindset that allows you to remain open to all of the possibilities ahead of you. Sagittarius North Node individuals realise their full potential when they continue to move forward, fueled by a genuine sense of inspiration and faith. You really have to believe that the Universe is on your side and wants wonderful things for you. That kind of attitude leads to great things for everyone. But, it’s crucial for you to develop this mentality as it keeps you enthusiastic and positive. You also must embrace full-on honesty, trusting that it’s all coming from a positive place


Row 1: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 2: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 3: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 4: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 5: (Scarlet) x 9, (Purple) x 10, (Scarlet) x 9
Row 6: (Scarlet) x 8, (Purple) x 12, (Scarlet) x 8
Row 7: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 3, (Scarlet) x 8, (Purple) x 3, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 8: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 9: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 10: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 11: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 12: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 13: (Scarlet) x 7, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 10, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 7
Row 14: (Scarlet) x 5, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 14, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 5
Row 15: (Scarlet) x 4, Purple, (Scarlet) x 2, Purple, (Scarlet) x 12, Purple, (Scarlet) x 2, Purple, (Scarlet) x 4
Row 16: (Scarlet) x 4, Purple, (Scarlet) x 2, Purple, (Scarlet) x 12, Purple, (Scarlet) x 2, Purple, (Scarlet) x 4
Row 17: (Scarlet) x 5, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 14, (Purple) x 2, (Scarlet) x 5
Row 18: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 19: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 20: (Scarlet) x 28
Row 21: (Scarlet) x 28

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