Zodiac and Astrology CAL

I have always had an interest in the zodiac signs, constellations, astrological symbols and how it all ties in with Greek mythology. So I thought what better than to channel this into my first love crochet! I have wanted to do a CAL for a long time so this seemed like the perfect opportunity.

The Details

The CAL will consist of 36 squares released 3 at a time inline with start of each star sign. The first 3 will be published on the 21st of June for the start of Cancer.

In each group you will get a square with the new zodiac sign symbol, a Greek god symbol that is linked to that zodiac sign, and an astrological symbol.

As squares can get a little boring I have decided to also make this a sort of sampler for different crochet techniques. There will be intarsia, overlay, embroidery and good old tradition stitches like bobbles! I will be doing video tutorials for each of the techniques so if you are new to one don’t worry there will be plenty of explanation around each technique.

The List of Squares 

Here is the groupings for each release,

Cancer, Artemis, Vertex

Leo, Apollo, Pluto

Virgo, Demeter, Saturn

Libra, Hephaestus, Vulcan

Scorpio, Ares, South Node

Sagittarius, Zeus, North Node

Capricorn, Hestia, Trine

Aquarius, Hera, Sextile

Pieces, Poseidon, Square

Aries, Uranus, Athena

Taurus, Aphrodite, Moon

Gemini, Hermes, Chiron

I’m not going to tell you which wool to buy, as long as it is DK or worsted weight and you use the same weight throughout you can use any brand, hopefully it will help bust some of your stashes! Oh and don’t forget your 5mm hook!

For those of you that don’t have the right yarn already you will need roughly 1 100g skein of dk per 2.5/3 squares depending on your tension. A lot of the square I have done with 2 colours.

I have chosen colours I think are appropriate for each square but feel free to select your own range of colours for what wool you have or can get your hands on.

I will be using a mixture of Mariner DK and Stylecraft special DK.

All pattern terms will be US but I can provide UK terms if people want them.

For Support during the CAL there is a Facebook group you can join here, I have designed and tested all the patterns myself, but if you do find an error please let me know!

I look forward to seeing all your wonderful squares!

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  1. This will be my first CAL so I have requested to join the FB group. Is that how we get notified with the square instructions? Excited!!

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